Three Tips For Choosing The Perfect Gaming Laptop

Posted by Brian Jensen on March 15, 2013


There is a point where serious gamers desire a gaming laptop that will provide them with all of the memory and operating speed possible, the audio and visual experience that truly immerses them in the game, and the ability to upgrade when possible to ensure that they are getting the full benefits of that laptop. Hardcore gamers know the Desktop is still the ultimate machine but having the ability to play on the go offers an appealing desire to add a gaming laptop to your inventory.


How Voice Recognition Technology Helps The Disabled

Posted by Matthew Anton on March 10, 2013


Voice Recognition Technology For The Disabled

Most of us will not find it too difficult to type. However, we cannot say the same regarding the people who have some form of disabilities. Thankfully, now they have access to voice recognition technologies. In the following sections, we will be looking in depth into some of the advantages of using technologies that can recognize our voice. People who do not have any kind of learning disabilities will also find it extremely useful while applying such utilities into their daily lives. A lot of spelling mistakes can creep into a text document while we are trying to compose it. By using a voice recognition utility, we can bid goodbye to all such issues.