How Voice Recognition Technology Helps The Disabled

Posted by Matthew Anton on March 10, 2013


Voice Recognition Technology For The Disabled

Most of us will not find it too difficult to type. However, we cannot say the same regarding the people who have some form of disabilities. Thankfully, now they have access to voice recognition technologies. In the following sections, we will be looking in depth into some of the advantages of using technologies that can recognize our voice. People who do not have any kind of learning disabilities will also find it extremely useful while applying such utilities into their daily lives. A lot of spelling mistakes can creep into a text document while we are trying to compose it. By using a voice recognition utility, we can bid goodbye to all such issues.

The Functioning Of Voice Recognition Utilities

So what exactly is a voice recognition utility? This software program can recognize words or brief commands. The words that are being spoken to the computer will be converted into control commands with the help of utilities such as these. For the commoners, such software program might appear very trivial. We cannot say the same for those who are suffering from various kinds of learning disabilities. Now they too can start using their computers in a normal way. Quite often, voice recognition technology is used nowadays to compose elaborate fields of text or to control a computer. Communication disorders have been outdated ever since the introduction of such utilities into the open market.

The Importance Of The Initial Training Phase

A lot of queries can pop up in your mind while looking into the intricacies of voice recognition technology. For starters, many people cannot comprehend how a utility can convert voice into words. If you look closely into the working of this software, you will understand that there is an initial training phase.  It is during this training phase that the voice recognition software will understand intimately about the pronunciations produced by the computer user. The underlying intention is plain and simple; it is nothing but to program the voice recognition technology so that it can understand the exact difficulty faced by the person using the software.

In other words, anyone can start using the software regardless of the physical difficulties that they are experiencing. With the passage of time, voice recognition technology is growing rapidly with the introduction of newer software that is much powerful than the previous iterations. Upon successful completion of the initial training phase, the user can start applying the same software to do anything from composing e-mails to watching movies. Many people face difficulties while trying to recall the words. They find it extremely tough to create constructive sentences within a short frame of time. Voice recognition technology will help such people to use their computers without any additional issues. The same kind of technology is available for those who are deaf or who have some form of hearing disabilities. It is important to consider the fact that research is still being conducted into the niche and it is only a matter of time before we get access to some of the best voice recognition technology.

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