How to fix internet connection problem in windows

Posted by Damodar Bashyal on September 15, 2016


I was having issue with the internet for few days on my windows 10 lenovo laptop and I followed so many suggestions and even reset the laptop but nothing worked until I found this.

The trick was to open CMD window as an administrator and run these commands and restart your computer.


IOS 8 hundreds of new features

Posted by Technooze Admin on September 25, 2014


Before features let's check IOS 8 bugs:

Found these bugs with IOS 8 when I installed on my iPhone 5s.

  1. Your speaker is automatically turned on and you have to touch twice to turn it off every time you receive calls. Currently I have no idea how to turn this feature off.
  2. You can't search your contacts. When you focus on search field, you will see whole page disabled and no keyboard appears for you to type. You have to scroll through to find your contact.
  3. more to come as I find ...

Now let's go through new ios 8 features, tips, tricks and fixes:

This update contains hundreds of new features, including the following:


Full Stack Developer - A Quick Rundown

Posted by Amit Bt on August 30, 2014


Who is full stack developer? Many of you may think that they are just the same as those typical programmers. Well, you may be correct, but full stack developers have distinctions. Their skill and knowledge on computer software is superb.

Who are Full Stack Developers?