15 Android Apps For Successful People

Posted by Alex Strike on April 08, 2013


Your Android phone or tablet becomes really yours not when you've paid for it, but when you've equipped it with all necessary applications and widgets for your work convenience.

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These free applications are exactly what makes the whole system of information, decision-making, planning and ordering easier. In other words, they all turn an ordinary tablet or phone into a miracle.

(By the way, this is not the rating, so the serial number does not affect either the importance or the utility of an app).

1. Business Calendar

This is the first application every businessman should have. Off-line planning, prior reminders and event frequency setting, a full synchronization with Google Calendar and a very user-friendly interface that makes a review of all your events by days, weeks, months, or simply a list.

2. Voice Notifier

Many users dreamed about the application which would allow them to record a voice memo and set the time for the same record to remind about the case. This application becomes even more important when you have no time to work with texts, and you just want to make a note quickly.

3. Whiteboard

This program really helps during your business negotiations. With the application you can clearly explain the trends to your partners, and what they should expected from this idea. Black, blue and red markers are available. Isn't it cool?

4. Virtual Recorder

This Android application is convenient when it comes to recording ideas for audio conference, or when you simply doesn't have time to enter text messages.

5. Evernote

This is the most famous Android application to store all kinds of information and ideas. It allows you to store files of any type - from images (for example, a print screen of the website you liked) to links. You can also attach there whatever they want.

And the most important moment: this application is able to synchronize a web version with your tablet or computer.

6. Box

This is a very popular variation of information storage and sharing, and it is the most suitable for remote business.

7. WiFi Doc

It allows you to connect to the projector and make a presentation immediately, using Wi-Fi. All you need is to keep all the documents and slides at hand. It helps a lot when you need to do an unscheduled presentation at unexpected times and in unexpected places.

8. Pulse

Your personal news selection from around the world. Makes it very easy to walk on the world trends in the morning, not even getting out of bed.

9. Skype

No comments here. We all need to contact with clients, partners, co-workers, and friends. Skype for Android will be the perfect variant for this goal.

10. RBK TV

In fact, any other business TV could be mentioned here. A successful person and businessman can't live without it today. Such a time we live in: you should know everything, otherwise you lose.

11. Electronic books

Now you can download an electronic variant of any professional books. This application will be also very suitable for those people who prefer paper books but don't have an opportunity to carry all of them everywhere.

12. Pen Memo

This is a draft. Just to sketch something instantly in order to understand it later. You can use a keyboard or just paint a note with your finger.

13. Double Clock

If you do business with another country, it is helpful to have such an application in order to see time difference, and not to awake a person in the middle of the night though there is a daytime at your place now.

14. Voice keyboard

This is your perfect secretary! A little bit deaf of course, but she has a very good sense of humor anyway. Just tell what you want to write, and this application will write it down for you. Anyway, you better re-read everything once again, because some words may appear to be very funny!

15. SIGNificant

You can forget about printing all necessary documents before signing them, because this Android application let you do that just on the screen of your device! The only condition needed is a PDF format of your document.

Certainly, there are a lot of other useful and really interesting Android applications like TED or Youtube for example, but they are not for everybody. If time allows, then why not?

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