Lists of Codeigniter CMS

Posted by Technooze Admin on May 19, 2012


CodeIgniter is an open source PHP framework. This is one of the most popular PHP frameworks between PHP developers around the world, so is widely loved too.

CodeIgniter has the most respected documentation available out of most of all available frameworks on the internet. According to CodeIgniter, It is a very powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint. This framework was built for serious PHP coders who like simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications.


Codeigniter, Zend and my CMS CodeFight, Time to Convert

Posted by Damodar Bashyal on April 19, 2009


Due to Magento Commerce i need to learn zend framework now. So, i have been digging net for step by step tutorial for zend framework. I found few sites which were able to simplify the tutorial and give the real instructions step by step. That was very nice of them. Since i am learning zend framework, why don't i convert my codefight cms to work with zend framework? By doing so, i guess i'll better learn in depth.

This is not a promise but which i have been thinking for a while. Lets see how much time i get and how i go with the framework. I feel very comfortable with codeigniter framework but still