Three Tips For Choosing The Perfect Gaming Laptop

Posted by Brian Jensen on March 15, 2013


There is a point where serious gamers desire a gaming laptop that will provide them with all of the memory and operating speed possible, the audio and visual experience that truly immerses them in the game, and the ability to upgrade when possible to ensure that they are getting the full benefits of that laptop. Hardcore gamers know the Desktop is still the ultimate machine but having the ability to play on the go offers an appealing desire to add a gaming laptop to your inventory.

The tips that will help you get the best gaming laptops are simple. Each decision made along the way will require deliberate thought and a consideration of future needs. Doing research is essential to selecting a computer that will meet your gaming needs. Consider these tips:

1: Establish Your Minimum Requirements and Your Maximum Budget

These two boundaries are absolutely necessary to your success in finding the best possible gaming computer for your situation. Because laptops are a little harder to upgrade than a desktop, you want to be sure that your investment won't need to be replaced within a year or two. It will be crucial that the laptop you finally settle on has the gaming specifications above the minimum requirements and the recommended requirements. There are dozens of sites that let you check the gaming specifications against specific machines to ensure they will run the game properly.

On the other hand, once you start investigating gaming laptops, you are going to find that you can quickly spend a whole lot of money. You do not have to purchase all of your accessories all at once. The computer is the first step you can upgrade your mouse and keyboard down the line if you need to. By establishing your maximum budget up front, you will be more likely to keep your spending and upgrades within hand, you do not want to regret the purchase afterwards.

Helpful tip: Focus on what you will truly need. If you play games that do not require heavy duty graphics card then save money by purchasing a higher powered laptop versus a gaming computer.

2: Stick with what you know

Choose a platform that you are familiar with. If you have gamed with a specific brand or OS in the past it may be wise to stick with what you know. You will feel more comfortable and confident in the purchasing process. Make sure you have a good warranty. Gaming computers often run at higher temperatures than traditional computers so having a great warranty is a smart move.

Do research to learn about upgraded graphics cards, processors and internal coolers. The more familiar you are with the internal components of your machine the better you will be able to utilize its' capabilities. Look at consumer reviews and checkout your favorite gaming forums to see what your peers are saying about any specific machine. Remember people often have very strong brand loyalty so focus on reviews that talk about the facts and mention specific tests rather than personal bias.

3: Bring Your Game to Life with the Laptop Design

Just like what we wear or what we drive. The computer we play games with says a lot about us. Gaming computers often come in amazing designs that can fit your style. The color won't make the laptop run any better but you will feel it exemplifies you a little more when it is custom tailored to fit your personality. The laptop is the most important; so focus on components, your research and choose something that fits your personality and you will walk away with an amazing gaming laptop.

About Author: This is a guest article written by Jared Jacobs from Dell Team.

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