5 Best iOS Apps for the Gamers

Posted by Sophie Samuel on January 28, 2013


There are lots of iPhone apps for the gamers available on the Apple's App store. It is really difficult for the users to know the best among the heaps. There are many things to be known about the gamer apps of iPhone which may even include selection of the games for the mobile. Here are some of the game apps for the iPhone users and experience the adventure games on your mobile.


ios gamesIt has been in to the gaming industry since very long time. The website is having all useful information with different platforms for the users. This is the best and most widely used game on the iPhone. Most of the users who want to take a break from their work use it and it also gives the latest trends, news and reviews. It is the best and most recommended for the video game fans.

Best Buy Gaming:

best buy has become of the important option for the gamers; the company has regained its reputation and extended it with the wonderful application which showcases important features that gamers will most probably like them. Some of the things that users will find when using the application are traded in values, reward zone points. Users are also having the choice to customise this app.


It is a leader in producing the information on video games through all the platforms. It has not run any forums which and it cannot also be found on the website and this app provides the access to FAQs and walk-throughs' for all the games which are available in the market. It does not give any warrant for the information that you download but still it is a useful app for the gamers.


It is an online gaming service provider. It is specialises in handled console and also game consoles.  This is identical to the DVD by mail and Netflix. You can also subscribe to it sends monthly subscription for a monthly fee. This site Gamefly.com focuses on providing its members full access to the plenty of the games for an affordable price. IPhone apps provide its users, non-members, Gamefly users access to the community of gamers who share reviews, information, insights on some the popular gaming topics. This social feature of the gamefly.com apps made it unique to its competitors.

Video Games News:

For the people who are interested in the video games news, gaming news this app is for that person. User can screen the content by platform category, title, and can browse best stories in the industry. These stories can also be shared through social media like Facebook, Twitter or email. It takes and collects the info from various sources and makes it exceptionally simple to find the stories which are relevant for every individual.

Apart from these gamer apps, the apple software also provides different applications for science and technology, health and finance applications like debt calculator,  App and so on.

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