Hurricane Sandy Reveals Wireless Vulnerabilities

Posted by Aaron Walker on February 16, 2013


The advancement in wireless technology has encouraged many people to abandon standard communication methods. The number of households who have landlines has decreased over the last several years. There are those who prefer to have a mobile phone that they can utilize anywhere instead of a traditional landline that they can only have access to while in their home. Hurricane Sandy, however, revealed that having only a cell phone could be an issue during a natural disaster.


Business Gains From Effective Web Design

Posted by Corey Pal on February 07, 2013


A business website serves as the face of a company. It represents the company's products and services and sets the impression to its customers. To achieve its goals, a website must be designed accordingly. To enumerate, an effective web design offers the following gains to a business website.


How To Choose The Best CMS Application For Your Website?

Posted by Kenneth Parker on February 02, 2013


Managing web content can prove to be a slightly trickier task, than what it might appear to be at the first glance. You need to have an advanced, efficient CMS, to make sure that your website designs, layouts and contents of different formats (text, images, audio and video files, etc.) can be seamlessly managed. What's more, selection of the ideal CMS system can also provide an extra boost to your search engine optimization (SEO) endeavors. Over here, we will provide business owners a few tips to choose the ideal CMS for their professional websites: