Full Stack Developer - A Quick Rundown

Posted by Amit Bt on August 30, 2014


Who is full stack developer? Many of you may think that they are just the same as those typical programmers. Well, you may be correct, but full stack developers have distinctions. Their skill and knowledge on computer software is superb.

Who are Full Stack Developers?

Definition of full stack developer in technology

Full stack developer is a person who has a refined skill and knowledge on both server coding and front-end development and design. They have the wide kill and mastery in code, design, implement and uphold a totally functional new interactive website on their own. These full stack developers are knowledgeable with the entire layers in constructing computer software.

Starting from front-end up to back-end, and the entire in between OS's, these persons, the full stack developers, enables building of programmers to construct software easier. They know everything about software building matters. These people understand how everything flow starting from the top until to the bottom. Furthermore, they can manage every problem accordingly.

Like what's mentioned previously, they know all the computer software layers. To make things clear on who these persons, here are the said layers and the full stack developers role towards it.

Full Stack Layers

1. Network, Server, Hosting Environment

This involves a lot of things. This includes the following:

  • It encompasses the knowledge on what can be broken and why without neglecting the resource.
  • The proper usage of file system, network resources cloud storage and knowing of data availability and redundancy.
  • Knowing the given application scale and hardware constraints, race conditions and multi-threading.
  • Working abreast the DevOps. The system will provide a valuable logging capabilities and error messages.

2. Data Modelling

In this aspect, the full stack developer should be knowledgeable on the following:

  • Creating a rationale relation model that is completed with several valuable things-indexes, foreign keys, lookup tables, views and others.
  • Familiarity with the non-relational information or data concepts and know where those data sparkle over the other.

3. Business Logic

What are the skills needed in his field. A full stack developer should possess the following skills:

  • Firm object oriented expertise
  • Frameworks

4. Action Layer/ API layer/ MVC

The attributes that a developer should have in this aspect are the following:

  • Knowledgeable on the manners of outside world's operation
  • Frameworks
  • Capable of writing clear, constant and simple in using interfaces.

5. User Interface

The full stack developers should:

  • Synthesize readable or visible layouts; acknowledge graphic designers and artist if the need help.
  • Mastery and expertise on HTML5/CSS
  • JavaScript

6. User Experience

They are capable of the following:

  • Appreciating the users' desire
  • Simplifying everything by stepping backward and observing the process.
  • Writing valuable error messages.

7. Understanding customers' desire and their needs in business

What can the full stack developers can do considering its customers? They will do it through the following:

  • Being vigilant on what's happening in and out of the field whenever the customer utilizes the software.

The role of full stack developers in this progressive world is definitely immeasurable. Their presence and expertise regarding the layers of computer software construction contribute so much in today's welfare. Through their help, life becomes easier and entertaining.

This is a guest post written by Amitbt from Israel.

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