Codeigniter CMS - Codefight CMS a short review

Posted by Technooze Admin on October 09, 2011


Codefight CMS is one of the best free website and blog content management system (cms) software company. Codefight CMS is based on most popular codeigniter php framework. The cms is an open source software and is available for free to use as you please.

This has been in development since 2008 and has grown up to be one of the contender for secure web content management tool. Codefight name was chosen as a different purpose on the start. Damodar Bashyal registered it to let people fight with code on certain tasks and the best code win. But when he was learning the Codeigniter PHP framework, he started to build a Website Management System For Himself.

He decided to put it on google code as he progressed with the software. He started to get some feedback and interest from the community. So, he decided to convert his learning tool to a respected and easy to manage CMS.

The result is with you today. This is quite young at this stage to compete with other big community based CMS like wordpress, joomla, mambo, drupal and so on but if it continues to improve and listen to community and adapt to feature the requests then it can grow up quickly.

Codefight CMS has many features and all are available for free to use them in your website. Some of the features of the Codefight Content Management Systems are:

  • Easy and simple multiple website management system
  • Contact form management Tool
  • Url trimmer (shortner) tool
  • Themeable. It's very easy to add new template for your website and it very quick as you can use existing blocks on your theme to save time. Just modify as your need.
  • Website static/dynamic Html page management system
  • Blog management system with out of the box comment management tool.
  • Front Page content restriction for user groups, so you can offer subscription to read your articles.
  • Blog and Page editors features tinymce WYSIWYG editors.
  • It's very lightweight, secure and very fast.
  • It supports multi-lingual translation. You just need to replace english files to your language. They are either freely available which are translated by community or you will need to convert as your requirement.
  • Search engine optimised/friendly URLS.
  • Admin is very straight forward and easy to use. You will have less complaint from clients compared to most softwares on the market.

More to follow later best of all it's Ignited with Codeigniter, so is one of the best Codeigniter CMS.

Let us know your thoughts and help improve this software to grow bigger.

- We Love Open Source. From the community to community for free.

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